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Chimney And Leadwork Projects In The Berkshire Area

Providing Reliable Solutions Chimney And Leadwork Issues

Elder's Roofcraft offer expert solutions to any issues you may be having with your chimney and/or leadwork.

Chimneys are an important component of your roof; they help to provide ventilation to your home and help to keep your home warm during the colder months. However, just like other parts of your roofs, chimneys can become damaged over time and can begin to cause leaks, mould, and other issues. Unstable Chimneys can pose a serious health and safety issue for your family and neighbours.


At Elder's Roofcraft we offer call outs for repairs to chimney cracks, damaged bricks or mortar, water stains because of a chimney leak, and more.  We offer no obligation free quotes to all our customers no matter the property size or type.  Our team is on hand to restore your chimney to its original condition, protecting your home from the elements and improving its appearance.


Our Chimney And Leadwork Include

Gutter Lining

Lead Coping

Chimney Repairs

Watertight Coverings


Our team offer leadwork installation and repair services for properties around Berkshire. Leadwork Is a critical component of your roof, as it will protect your property from water damage, and seal off any gaps that could appear due to other roof fixtures such as your chimney or skylights.

As part of our chimney and roof repair services, we offer emergency callouts and free quotes to customers looking for repairs. Using only high-quality materials and ensuring minimal disruption throughout the repair, Elders Roofcraft always puts you first.

Elders Roofcraft

For a reliable roofing contractor in Berkshire or its surrounding areas give us a call on:

07852 467552

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